Interior Design is important but its not everything. Here are two places to splurge and two places to save on design.


karlstad by ikea - SAVE

People may disagree with me, but I think that if you're single the majority of your time isn't' spent sitting on your sofa.  Take some advise from Lil Dicky and "save that money".  My current sofa is the KARLSTAD from Ikea, with pricing that start at $399.00 its a winner.

My Ikea sofa may be used in the living room now, but down the road it can be used as a sofa in my office.

The Aim small - SPEND

The Aim  Small by the Bouroullec brother is a  versatile piece worth spending $$ on.  With a price tag of $695.00 you may cringe a little with this purchase, but its worth it. The LED suspension light may be a focal point in my apartment now but will make a great accent piece down the road. I could purchase two more to make a composition or, who knows it could look really cute in a nursery ;) 



accent pillows by w i l a -SPEND

I look at my sofa like a canvas, as my aesthetic changes so does my decor. Which includes the blanket and throw pillows on my sofa.  I splurge on throw pillow covers that are removable and and can be thrown in the wash ( SHOP W I L A ).  A lot of throw pillows I see at a lower price point don't have removable  cover, making it impossible to wash, making them useless after one mishap with red wine...