Loving the ARTisanship

Made to perfection, a beautiful object can transcend decor and enter the realm of art. From handwoven tapestries to extravagant furniture pieces, statements of luxury are achieved through intricate details, gorgeous materials and impeccable construction. We admire stories behind extraordinary creations in this selection of windows.

PICTURED ABOVE- ALMA DE LUCE celebrates the nature and the life through the art of sculpting wood from the Maori - Whakairo culture, and presents this elegant sideboard, in walnut wood, with an amazing interior and a fabulous work of joiner. This exquisite piece will add a stunning touch of elegance and glamor to your luxurious living room.
— Alma De Luce

hissan harrabi folding screen

A dazzling legend tells a story of Arabian horse, which ALMA DE LUDE leads us to discover through the sublime interpretation that presents in this piece.

The wonderful work of marquetry executed by the craftsman takes us to the hot sands of the Bedouin deserts where the arabian horse was born.

This is the oldest equestrian race in the world, with archeological evidence dating back to around 2500 b.C.

Luntag console

Wind Horse (lungta in Tibetan) or prayer flag, are flags printed with Tibetan prayers. These flags fixed to a mast, or sewn in strings stretched between two points, flit freely in the wind, around the monasteries in sacred places, or attached to the branch, we see them everywhere. ALMA DE LUCE pays tribute to this tradition through its interpretation, presenting a piece rich in details and mystery. Lungta is definitely a key element to the most luxurious interior designs.


Acoma armchair

Acoma is the “City of Sky”, localized in New Mexico, one of the most older cities of the North America. It is the city of people of Aak’u. They make traditional indigenous ceramics, vases of everyday life, through rituals in a great natural beauty.

Alma de Luce transforms the ceramic art of Acoma in an inspiring and sophisticated armchair. The brand shows us his passion for tradition and elevates us in her interpretation of patterns and texture that surprise and delight us.

Pictured above- Kintsukuroi is a japanese word to the art of repairing pottery with gold and lacquer, and for the understanding that the piece becomes more beautiful because it has broken. In fact, repairing a vase becomes a unique and special object. Imperfections are seen as a celebration of life, in the small and big mistakes made and the possibility of learning from it.
Of creased lines, broken by the irregularity of the golden touch, ALMA DE LUCE introduce a sofa, the KINTSUKUROI. This piece inspires us in its simplicity, referring us to a refined sense of elegance and contemporaneity
— Alma De Luce