MEET DAMON SANCHEZ "Between two Ferns"

In life and relationships, timing is everything. When the timing is off you never get the chance to experience or appreciate different aspects and qualities of a person, what make that person uniquely themselves. One of my best examples of this is, Damon Sanchez. Because of this, I never really got the chance to truly get to know Damon, now that some time has passed; I think this is the perfect opportunity to learn about his “budding” career as a soon to be Landscape Architect. So now, we all get the chance to learn about @theeesanchezplantman.

1. What inspired you to become a Landscape Architect vs. being a “conventional’ Architect?

I originally wanted to be an architect, ever since I was a youngin’ building Legos and asking my mom to buy me more. The desire even continued into my first 2 years of college. Then, in a design studio that focused on the process of design, I had a crazy cool professor named Ashley Kieber (Shout out) and she changed my whole perspective. She was a truly free artist, and a Landscape Architect to pay the bills. From then on I knew what I wanted to do.

2. I have seen and heard you give the scientific names for many plants, is your passion for landscape architecture that intense, where do you think that comes from?

My passion for plants is pretty intense. Some people get it, some people don't. I’m just really in touch with nature. For as long as I remember I loved being outside. And the scientific names can be really funny.

3. How do you think your time in Miami has inspired you creatively?

My time in Miami has inspired a sense of rebellion in my design, while my career has inspired me to still follow the proven principles. It’s important to be creatively pragmatic for me.

4. What was your first major interaction with Design?

Legos, I think. I remember ripping the bags open so hard that all the little pieces would fly everywhere and I would get really pissed.

5. What affect did that have on you, and is that what led you to choose the design field as a profession?

Probably to a degree, I also really loved drawing all sorts of stuff. I have memories of reading architecture magazines and drawing countless floor plans when I was young.

 6.How do you think Miami has affected your design process?

For me, the weather and climate have affected my design process the most. It allows us to design so freely. We can be painters with trees, palms, bromeliads, orchids, ferns, and flowers as our medium.

7.What helps you to get “unstuck” creatively?

A bottle of wine, or some good gangster rap

8.Is it a challenge to balance creativity with business?

At first it was. I’ve had to switch between the two so many times that they are kind of one now. They’re actually closely related in Landscape Architecture.

9. As an Architect, what is the most important aspect of your job/career?

Reality and the Client, Reality because built work is what will impact people and leave a legacy, the client because we wouldn't be able to do what we love without them.

10.Two-part question; who are your role models in the design world? Who are the role models in your family that helped influence your design?

My role models in the design world are all designers who smile with passion when they create. If I had to name a couple I would say Raymond Jungles and Dave Schroeder. In my family, my strong mom and inspiring grandpa are definitely my forever role models.

11. And lastly, tell me about a time when a client didn’t like your work, how did you handle it?

We Landscape Architects grind at work, so if that ever happens, we just go back to the drawing board and come up with something better. Design is an iterative process, so it’s not uncommon.

12. Actually one more question; what is something that you would want people to know about you, or your chosen career path?

I like to smile and it’s normal.