Raise your hand if...

Raise your hand if, Interior Design magazines have personally victimized you with lack-luster content and crazy high pricing (both of my hands are currently raised).  This past Saturday I was at the airport to catch my return flight to Miami, after going through security I still had more than an hour before boarding began for my flight. Instead of watching movies I’d previously downloaded on my laptop, I decided I’d pop into one of the airport shops and grab a few magazines to catch up on what’s “new” in the world of design. I walked to the register with two magazines (that shall remain nameless) and a bottle of sparkling water that I knew would be overpriced, the cashier rang up my THREE items and told me my total was roughly 26 USD, I don’t remember the exact amount.

I looked at the THREE items, then back at the cashier, then back to my THREE items, etcetera. Without thinking I said “ I hope this bottle of water is going to open itself, and pour itself down my throat, and these magazine are going to read the text on every page aloud to me.”


Kidding, I didn’t really say that, but I thought it. I just paid the total, walked to my gate and took a seat. I pulled out one of my “self-talking” magazines and began to read, unfortunately it didn’t speak, nor did anything I read in the magazine “speak” to me. More than 30% of the magazine was advertisements, the same free adverts I see in my local design magazines, and in American Way on my flight, for free.  The letter from the editor was written and sounded just like her letter from two months prior. Please don’t get me started on the content…mainly because there wasn’t much to read. 


But what they did spotlight consisted of all the same designers and showrooms that (I guarantee you can name all of the designers/showrooms in your head) are featured in every other magazine out right now therefore, all of the articles sounded like every other article I’ve read in the past year. So I just skimmed through the pages quickly. All of this happened in a 20-35 minute time span, the first 15 dollars of my purchase gone, when I closed the magazine I didn’t read anything that I hadn’t read or known before.


            I’m saying all of this to say, magazine publishers have gotten lazy and pricier, so do some work! There are so many established and/or up-and-coming designers and brands to speak about; I understand that you need to keep high paying advertisers with big names like B&B Italia, Flexform, Minotti, DDC, and even Roche Bubois (honestly, how many ways can you re-invent the Mah-Jong seating system).


But, reserve some space for what’s really new and trending, let us know what

Designers we should keep an eye out for, that aren’t the same designers a different magazine published last month. And once you feature them; keep in touch with them so that we can see how their business is or isn’t growing, feature projects that include their pieces, anything, I’m just saying please stop publishing the same shit!


If there are new publications or designers I should know about please leave a note in the comments.


Yours truly,


Candace Arroyo