“Reality is wrong. Dreams are real.”
— Tupac Shakur

Who we are

 A Boutique Design Studio with it’s home office based in Miami, we’re a team of dedicated, talented and creative minds.

With years dedicated to developing strong relationships with stylish & up and coming Brands from all over the world .

We are a group of like minded individuals, ready to elevate your design with products we admire.


What we offer

Pearl Square Wall Lamp


Lighting has the ability to transform the mood of any space. Whether its floor, table, or suspension lighting we'll assist you in finding the right fixture with the the desired amount of light to set the tone. Interested? Let me show you some pieces that will shine the light on any space.

Vertigo Small Tray


Accessories are details that make your space unique. It gives you the ability to add pops of color and texture to make a statement, without being permanent. Here's a sampling of pieces we adore.

Olympia Armchair


Furniture is the canvas that we build upon with lighting, accessories, and even area rugs. Your furniture choices should be an investment that is functional, attractive, and you'll feel comfortable living with for years to come. Let us show you some designs you'll love.

They may have designed that...